Hope in my Pocket

Hope In My Pocket is a musical exploration through the powerful experiences and emotions contained throughout the archived written correspondence of ANZAC history.

Pianist Sean Foran explains: “The main thing we really wanted to be sure of was that we could sensitively address the themes that we found in the history of the ANZACS. Given that the material we wanted to write was songs we thought the best way to gather material for this was to look at letters”.

 Encouraged to try to musically retell this piece of history to modern Australia, we made a number of emotionally draining yet inspirational trips to the QLD State archives and QLD State Library. The amount of letters that we looked through over a few days was enormous. Letters from soldiers back to their families, from families to soldiers, from families to the government, from medical personnel, from friends. Our initial concept was to be really wide in our scope but the further we progressed, and the more we looked at all the letters, we realized that a clear list of themes that we felt we needed to explore in the music, were emerging, and that in order to respect the letters, we needed to interpret them not literally, but thematically.

These themes were hope, fear, separation, loss, love, and the conditions of war. We also wanted each song to look at an experience and / or emotion.” 

The intensely intimate, textural and emotional sound of Berardi/Foran/Karlen was recorded live before the trio had played any of the material at a performance, complementing the rawness and reality of the overarching song themes. Musically, the beautiful vocal melodies and saxophone are such a striking combination that at times, almost blur into one; while the absence of drums and bass gives the tracks a great deal of space and a sense of silence to enhance the content.

Available as Digital download, Streaming, CD, LP.